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  ISO 9000 2000 Registrations

1,106,356 ISO 9001 Registrations Worldwide

That’s according to the latest 2016 worldwide survey from the International Organization for Standardization. Up to the end of December 2016, at least 1,106,356 ISO 9001 certificates had been issued worldwide.

Other highlights of the survey show that North America hold 44,252, Europe 451,415, East Asia and Pacific 480,445 and the rest of the world 129,825 - that's 4.0%, 40.8%, 43.4% and 11.7% respectively.

The survey also shows that ISO 14001 registrations lag a long way behind ISO 9001 with only 346,189 certificates issued worldwide.

The summary is available here: ISO 9001 Survey Summary 2016.

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