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System Maintenance


System Management

For those businesses who are busy, expanding and need to outsource the running of their quality management system, Cavendish Scott provides a full system maintenance service.

A Cavendish Scott consultant, usually the consultant who has worked with you on your own system, is made available on a regular basis to;

  • Perform internal audits
  • Maintain systems (non conformance, corrective action, etc.,)
  • Maintain documentation
  • Manage and meet with the registrar
  • Perform management review with your staff
  • Provide consulting assistance if required

The format and schedule of support is individually tailored for each individual company, as example we have clients who retain us for one day a quarter to those who require regular monthyly support.

Management review meeting

Our clients are our success

We started ISO 9000 on our own but found we were over designing the system. Cavendish Scott helped us focus on the fundementals of both the standard and our business.

GTS, Concord, NH

Our first mistake was not to use Cavendish Scott initially. Our first consultants did not understand our needs, they left us with pages and pages of worthless documents - we ended up throwing it out. Cavendish Scott were able to come in, design us a simple and effective solution and get us registered in just 3 months.

SalvageData, Stamford, CT

As a busy and profitable company, we wanted to ensure that we were keeping our quality system in shape and continuing to benefit from our systems. That's why we use Cavendish Scott to carry out our internal auditing. They remain objective, efficient and effective.

DTi, Southborough, MA